About the Fire Keeper Circle

At Cherokee Creek Boys School we regard all of our alumni students and families as our Fire Keepers. Throughout history, fire keepers have been the members of a community who kept the fires going to offer warmpth and safety, thus assuring the growth and perpetuation of their clan or people.

At CCBS we recognize that we are all one learning community and that the journey of self-discovery many boys and their families begin here continues on after they transition or graduate. In this way they are Fire Keepers, tending the flames of the Cherokee Creek mission to, “Challenge boys and their families to discover what is real and true about themselves and the world around them.”

We also know that it is through our alumni that we garner a unique perspective of how we might realize our vision and mission in the future – the continued growth and success of the school.

We have created the Fire Keeper Circle as a blog so that we may continue to share feature stories of how the tools gained at Cherokee Creek have been useful for alumni, promote alumni specific events and welcome alumni comments and updates.  

Cherokee Creek Boys School is a therapeutic boarding school for middle-school boys, ages 11-15, located in Upstate South Carolina. For more information about Cherokee Creek, please visit our website: www.cherokeecreek.net.

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